Sex Files Feb 28 2009
Edson Chen apologizes for leaked sex photos.

Hong Kong actor and singer Edson Chen, whose career fell apart after sexually explicit photos of him and several actresses appeared online, was in court this week testifying in the case of a computer technician who had illegally posted those photos. Chen, who was one of the most famous celebrities in Hong Kong before the scandal erupted and forced him into self-imposed exile in his birth country of Canada, took the opportunity to express regret for shooting the photos. This prompted Cecilia Cheung, the actress who co-starred with Chen in many of the images, to angrily lash out at her former lover in a televised interview on Hong Kong’s iCable, where she said yesterday, “He has never apologized to us personally. He should at least have called us to say sorry if he genuinely admitted his mistake. The photos are still circulating online. How can we live a healthy and happy life? How can we put ourselves back on our feet?”

While it’s easy to understand couples that aren’t famous taking nude photos, both Chen and Cheung were already public figures when they shot the x-rated pix. Which begs the question what were they thinking? We suspect Chen thought that, as a man, no real harm could come to him if the photos ever leaked. It didn’t do Colin Farrell any harm, right? And perhaps that would have been sound reasoning in another country, but in ultraconservative Hong Kong, the damage was considerable. As for Cheung, she just should have known better. It isn’t as if, with her distinctive tattoos, she could deny being the person in the photos. Frankly, we think the shots are spectacular—actually, most of them are way too spectacular to post, so the most we can do is share a couple. But let'sjust say that nothing is more pulp than illicit smut, and from that perspective these two more than delivered the goods. We’d show you more images, but alas, we aren't a smut site, so you’ll just have to use your imagination—or, perhaps, certain internet search engines. Just remember to go into your preferences panel first and turn off the anti-porn filter.


Sex Files Dec 13 2008
Police break up global child pornography ring.

U.S. and E.U. authorities reported yesterday that more than 170 people around the world, including 61 in the United States, have been arrested in a major sting targeting international child pornographers. The operation, called Joint Hammer in the U.S., and Koala in Europe, freed girls who were sexually abused by child pornographers.

The investigation was launched after investigators determined a videotape of child porn found in Australia had been produced in Belgium. A joint EU-U.S. effort exposed a Belgian father who was sexually abusing his young daughters, and employing an Italian photographer to produce images of the abuse. So far 11 children were freed in the U.S., and dozens more were rescued in Europe.

Officials said ringleaders primarily targeted prepubescent females, but added that other groups produce photos and videos of boys and girls of all ages, including infants. Agents are still attempting to locate many victims whose images appeared in photos and videos and more arrests are expected as the investigation continues.


The Naked City Dec 8 2008
Banned film is based on true story of cannibal who advertised for victim.

If you aren’t a serious gorehound, don’t even go near it. Cannibal is a German film based on the true case of Armin Meiwes. In 2001, Meiwes advertised on the Cannibal Café website for a willing torture victim. A man named Bernd Jürgen Brandes answered the ad. Brandes allowed his penis to be severed by Meiwes for the two of them to eat. They first tried it raw, then sautéed in garlic. Brandes bled profusely from the wound but didn’t die until Meiwes delivered the coup de grace—a knife in the throat. Meiwes videotaped every moment of both the torture and killing.

After Brandes was dead, Meiwes dismembered and froze the body, and ate more than 40 pounds of it over the next ten months. His culinary creativity could have qualified him for a guest spot on Iron Chef. He even tried to grind up Brandes’ bones to make flour. When he finally was caught authorities were embarrassed to discover that no law against cannibalism existed in Germany. And since Brandes was a volunteer who had been videotaped willingly trying to eat his own penis, murder charges were a stretch.

Well, legal loopholes or not, the courts imprisoned Meiwes for manslaughter, and later tried and convicted him for murder because he simply needed to be put away permanently—victim’s consent to be eaten notwithstanding. The film Cannibal, under the direction of Marian Dora, deals only with events directly related to the torture and killing. It is unflinching, unapologetic, and absolutely verboten for the faint of heart. It was banned in Germany, but earned a U.S. release on dvd today in 2006.


The Naked City Nov 23 2008
Viewers watched live via internet as teen fulfilled threat to kill himself.

When nineteen year old Abraham Biggs, Jr. announced over the website that he planned to commit suicide, viewers assumed it was an idle threat. That probably explains why few alarms were raised when Biggs took a fatal dose of pills, reclined on a bed, and died with his webcam recording the entire episode.

During the hours it took for Biggs to sink into coma and death, viewers watched and cracked jokes in a group chat room. An autopsy concluded Biggs died from a combination of opiates and benzodiazepine, which was prescribed for a bipolar disorder. The Florida teen is not the first to commit suicide in front of an audience, but the slow developing nature of the incident caused authorities to question whether something could have been done to stop him.

The users who witnessed the suicide told police investigators they did not take Biggs seriously because he had threatened suicide on the site before. Prosecutors reluctantly agreed there is no legal recourse against those who watched and didn’t alert police, even though witnesses claim Biggs was pushed or dared by some users to act on his threat.

Authorities had, however, explored the possibility of charging the website owners with negligence. But yesterday a lawyer close to the case said there isn’t much chance of charges being filed. While there could be liability if website operators knew about the incident, had the ability to intervene and didn’t take action, it did not appear as if that were true. Michael Seifert, chief executive of, offered condolences to the Biggs family.


Sex Files Nov 19 2008
Christian nympho website scores bigtime.

The website Christian Nymphos launched in December 2007 and has so far received more than 1.5 million hits. The site was conceived by religious women with excessive sexual desires, and offers bedroom advice, suggested fantasies, and even answers prayer requests. The women believe firmly in sex only within the bounds of marriage with their husbands, which isn’t very pulp, but hey, they’re nymphos, which is as pulp as it gets, right? We’re so confused.


Sex Files Nov 1 2008
Did Craigslist aid and abet prostitution, or was the website victimized by working girls?

Is Craigslist the new millenium’s red light district? Eight prostitutes were arrested in NYC last month for using the online site to solicit johns, bringing the year’s total of busted women to more than 70. In Chicago 60 women were netted. In Seattle a sting using undercover police officers nabbed 71 men, including a bank officer and a surgeon. And in Jacksonville, Fla., in August police arrested 33 men.

Nassau County, NY, assistant chief of detectives Richard McGuire put it bluntly: “Craigslist has become the high-tech 42nd Street, where much of the solicitation takes place now. Technology has worked its way into every profession, including the oldest.” Lt. Eric Sano, of the Seattle PD, describes a complex subculture exposed by his department’s sting operation, in which men are referred to as “hobbyists” and prostitutes are “providers”. There are even online review “sites where men rate their experiences and describe a woman’s looks and the sex acts she’s willing to perform, Sano said.

While law enforcement officials accuse Craigslist of enabling prostitution, company president Jim Buckmaster points out that 24 staff members cannot monitor 20 million listings per month. They count on users to flag objectionable ads. But cops ask how many users who navigate their way into the “erotic services” section of Craiglist are likely to flag ads. It’s a bit like asking a gambler to report his bookie.

Under the Communications Decency Act of 1996 the ads are legal and several websites—including Craigslist—have withstood legal challenges. “You hold the speaker liable, not the soapbox,” explains Kurt B. Opsahl, senior staff attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Mr. Buckmaster agrees, saying that Craigslist is no different from magazines that carry sex-oriented ads. But law enforcement officials say Craigslist’s scope and format are especially useful to the sex industry. With listings for approximately 450 cities around the world, the website counts 25 million users and 8 billion page views a month. Online traffic ranker Alexa calculates Craigslist is currently the thirty-seventh most visited website in the world.

Craig Newmark, above, who founded Craigslist in San Francisco in 1995, has his own take on the matter. “We are a democracy,” he explains, “and we find we can trust our community. We would prefer that [police] go after violent criminals or crooked congressmen.” Many agree with Newmark that prostitution is a minor or even victimless crime, but Lt. Sano doesn’t see it that way: “No young girl grows up dreaming of doing this. It is easy money …but these women are being exploited and it’s degrading. You should hear what some of these guys have asked our detectives to do—it’s disgusting.”


History Rewind
The headlines that mattered yesteryear.
June 02
1941—Lou Gehrig Dies
New York Yankees baseball player Henry Louis Gehrig, aka The Iron Horse, who set a record for playing in 2,130 consecutive games over the course of fourteen seasons, dies of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig's disease, two years after the onset of the illness ended his consecutive games streak.
June 01
1946—Antonescu Is Executed
Ion Antonescu, who was ruler of Romania during World War II, and whose policies were independently responsible for the deaths of as many as 400,000 Bessarabian, Ukrainian and Romanian Jews, as well as countless Romani Romanians, is executed by means of firing squad at Fort Jilava prison just outside Bucharest.
1959—Sax Rohmer Dies
Prolific British pulp writer Arthur Henry Sarsfield Ward, aka Sax Rohmer, who created the popular character Fu Manchu and became one of the most highly paid authors of his time writing fundamentally racist fiction about the "yellow peril" and what he blithely called "rampant criminality among the Chinese", dies of avian flu in White Plains, New York.
May 31
1957—Arthur Miller Convicted of Contempt of Congress
Award-winning American playwright Arthur Miller, the husband of movie star Marilyn Monroe, is convicted of contempt of Congress when he refuses to reveal the names of political associates to the House Un-American Activities Committee. The conviction would later be overturned, but HUAC persecution against American citizens continues until the committee is finally dissolved in 1975.
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