Vintage Pulp Mar 15 2013
She may look angelic, but trust us, she’s lethal.

Above is a nice poster for Mekura no oichi monogatari: Makkana nagaradori, aka Crimson Bat: The Blind Swordswoman, starring Yôko Matsuyama, Chizuko Arai, and Jun Tatara. The first in a series of four Crimson Bat movies, this was in the same vein as the long running Zataochi series, and was a precursor to other movies featuring angry blind swordswomen like Black Cat’s Revenge, which we took a look at a few months back. Basically, in Japanese movies if you meet up with a sword-wielding blind woman—even one that looks as innocent as Yôko Matsuyama—either run screaming or make out your last will and testament on the spot. Plenty of reviews of this one online, so you don’t need our input. We'll just tell you that it has all the elements—betrayal, revenge, arterial bloodspray, all that good stuff. You can check out a fight scene here. Mekura no oichi monogatari: Makkana nagaradori premiered in Tokyo today in 1969.


History Rewind
The headlines that mattered yesteryear.
January 31
1928—Soviets Exile Leon Trotsky
Leon Trotsky, a Bolshevik revolutionary, Marxist theorist, and co-leader of the Russian October Revolution, is exiled to Alma Ata, at the time part of the Soviet Union but now located in Kazakhstan. He is later expelled entirely from the Soviet Union to Turkey, accompanied by his wife Natalia Sedova and his son Lev Sedov.
January 30
1933—Hitler Becomes Chancellor
Adolf Hitler is sworn in as Chancellor of Germany in President Paul Von Hindenburg's office, in what observers describe as a brief and simple ceremony. Hitler's first speech as Chancellor takes place on 10 February. The Nazis' seizure of power subsequently becomes known as the Machtergreifung.
January 29
1916—Paris Is Bombed by German Zeppelins
During World War I, German zeppelins conduct a bombing raid on Paris. Such raids were rare, because the ships had to fly hundreds of miles over French territory to reach their target, making them vulnerable to attack. Reaching London, conversely, was much easier, because the approach was over German territory and water. The results of these raids were generally not good, but the use of zeppelins as bombers would continue until the end of the war.
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