Intl. Notebook Apr 19 2010
Imperfections are only skin deep.

We found this promo shot of Jayne Mansfield someplace or other, and it appeals to us because of her visible flaws. That’s if you want to call cellulite a flaw. I mean, we get it—women hate the stuff. But this is where we confess a little personal info: one of us, specifically PSGP, used to work at Playboy, and, leaving aside all the phototrickery and computer manipulation that goes into making an art piece out of an imperfect woman, the fact is that our desperate pursuit of perfection has only led to yet more imperfection. For instance, there was a certain Playmate of the Year whose torso could only be photographed from one angle because her breast implants had been so horribly botched. Thus, a type of imperfection that never existed before—bad breast jobs—arose in the pursuit of perfection. Where most people will look at the image above and see a woman who needs some heavy leg press work, we see someone whose flaws—in this age of photos so retouched they don’t qualify as photography anymore—don’t even remotely diminish the allure of the woman as a whole. That said, our girlfriends don’t have cellulite, so maybe we’d feel differently had fat-ass Jayne ever heaved her bulk on top of us. Uh… did we write that or just think it? Dammit! 


History Rewind
The headlines that mattered yesteryear.
June 16
1961—Rudolph Nureyev Defects from Soviet Union
Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev defects at Le Bourget airport in Paris. The western press reported that it was his love for Chilean heiress Clara Saint that triggered the event, but in reality Nuryev had been touring Europe with the Kirov Ballet and defected in order to avoid punishment for his continual refusal to abide by rules imposed upon the tour by Moscow.
June 15
1978—Hussein Marries Halaby
King Hussein of Jordan, who had claimed direct lineage from the Prophet Muhammad and the most ancient tribe in the Arab world, marries American Lisa Halaby, who renounces her American citizenship, converts to Islam, and takes the name Queen Noor. Noor soon becomes one of the most glamorous and recognized royals in the world.
June 14
1995—Roger Zelazny Dies
American fantasy and science fiction writer Roger Zelazny dies at age fifty-eight of kidney failure related to colo-rectal cancer. Zelazny won the Nebula award three times, and the Hugo award six times, for novels such as ...And Call Me Conrad and Lord of Light, but was best known for his fantasy serial The Chronicles of Amber.
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